Marine Magnetic Resonance Facility – Current Projects

Diverse activities scheduled or ongoing at the MMRF at this time include:


Study Species Investigator Institution Schedule
Installation of 600 mhz vertical magnet MMRF Team NCSU CMAST Aug-Oct 2018
Fluid space anatomy Arctica islandica Jessica Gould Northeastern University Nov 2018
Moon Jellyfish Metabolomics Aurelia aurita Mary Doerr NCSU ongoing
Elasmobranch Capture Stress Bonnethead Shark, Sandtiger Shark M. Stoskopf and E. Chrisitiansen NC Aquariums ongoing
Filter bed metabolomics and metagenomics marine filter bed microrganisms William Murray and M. Stoskopf San Jose State U ongoing
Sea Turtle Hatchling Oil Exposure Loggerhead Sea Turtle (C. caretta) Stasia Bembenek-Bailey NCSU CVM ongoing
Hook Trauma Evaluation Mahi mahi Craig Harms NCSU CMAST ongoing
Pelagic Fish Baselines and capture stress Mahi mahi, Thunnis albacares, Makaira nigricans Michael Stoskopf NCSU CMAST ongoing
Coral Genotype Assessment Acropora cervicornis Maria Serrano NCSU CMAST ongoing
Koi Baseline and Euthanasia Cyprinus carpio Maria Serrano and Mary Doerr NCSU CMAST ongoing


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