Veterinary Students focusing on Zoological Medicine come to NCSU from around the world to study with EMC faculty.

EMC Clinical Post-Docs are preparing for careers in the demanding discipline of Zoological Medicine.

EMC graduate students are learning the research skills to help them generate the knowledge needed to be better stewards of our planet.

Beguesse, KylaPhD Zoology
Bembenek-Bailey, StasiaPhD Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyNMR metabolomic investigation of crude oil and/or Corexit exposure effects on hatchling loggerhead sea turtle physiology
Doerr, MaryMS Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyNMR metabolomic evaluation of moon jellyfish adaptations to captivity
Louis, MeghanMS Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyBaylisascaris procyonis prevalence, surveying raccoon latrines at the North Carolina Zoo
Niemuth, JenniferPhD Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyMetabolomic characterization of cold stun syndrome in sea turtles and potential implications of climate change
Wood, JordanPhD Animal Science and Poultry ScienceEfficacy of whole blood spot cards for metabolomic characterization for African elephants with respect to storage time compared to quenched whole blood

Updated: October 18, 2018 3:39 PM