Major Awards for Dr. Kennedy-Stoskopf

Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf surrounded by diplomates of the American College of Zoological Medicine linked to NCSUDr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf was honored for her life long major contributions to zoological health and to key organizations that support the development of the discipline recently.   At the Annual Meeting of the American College of Zoological Medicine in Dallas, Texas, Dr. K-S (as she is affectionately known by all of her students and residents), was suprised to receive the Murray Fowler Award on September 24, 2017.  The suprise was challenging to orchestrate but Drs. Harms and Stoskopf managed to get Dr. Kennedy-Stoskopf in place and unaware as the award was presented.

Dr. K-S receives the ACZM Murray Fowler Award from ACZM President Dr. Sharon DeemThe Murray Fowler award was created in honor of Dr. Murray Fowler, who was also postumously the first recipient.  It honors an ACZM Diplomate who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and contributions to the ACZM, while making significant lifetime contributions that have advanced the discipline of zoological medicine.  Dr. K-S is the 4th recepient of this most prestigeous award of the ACZM.  A formal presentation was made before over 600 colleagues from around the world Thursday, September 28th at the annual combined AAZV and ACZM banquet, where Dr. K-S was able to make a fitting acceptance speech.

NCSU alumni and faculty help Dr. K-S celebrate her receiving teh Emil Dolensek AwardThen, no doubt feeling a bit relieved, and perhaps relaxing a bit, Dr. Kennedy-Stoskopf was a bit slow to realize that the traditional description of the life and contributions of the individual being honored for the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians’ most coveted award, the Emil Dolensek Award, should have been very familiar.   The Dolensek Award is the longest standing award of the AAZV.   Made in honor of Dr. Emil Dolensek, an early pioneer in zoological medicine at the Bronx Zoo who was cut down in the prime of his career by cancer.  The award is an honor presented to a past or present member of the AAZV in appreciation for exceptional contributions to the conservation, care, and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife reflecting Emil Dolensek’s commitment to these purposes. This award recognizes individuals who have advanced the profession and served to link the related disciplines of zoo and wildlife medicine.  For the first time these two awards went to the same recipient and Dr. K-S was without a doubt completely surprised to receive this second very coveted award as the 23rd recipient.A surprised Dr. K-S accepts the Emil Dolensek Award

Other EMC faculty who have received the Emil Dolensek Award include Dr. Michael Stoskopf 2003, Dr. Michael Loomis 2008, Dr. Daniel Mulcahy 2014, and Dr. Terry Norton 2016.  Dr. Kennedy-Stoskopf is the first EMC faculty member to receive the Murray Fowler Award.