Support the EMC

support screen eagle onlyThe purpose of the Environmental Medicine Consortium is to make the world a better place for wildlife, people and their domestic animals.

You can help the EMC in its purpose many ways

The EMC is currently raising funds to upgrade the unique Wild Carnivore Learning Facility at NCSU’s CVM.

Gifts to the EMC Endowment Income Fund – Dollars contributed to the EMC Endowment Income fund are available for immediate use and can be directed to a specific project or use. This is where you would make contributions to support capital efforts to improve the Wild Carnivore Facility infrastructure, fund summer student team leadership, etc.  To give online,  Click here, and choose the EMC Endowment Income Fund.

To clarify, donations to Red Wolf fund daily operations of the the Wild Carnivore team, such as purchase of food and enrichment items for the wolves.  The Marine Health Fund supports health research for marine animals.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Dr. Michael Stoskopf, ( the director of the EMC for assistance.