Zoological Nutrition

Nutrition is a key to optimizing wildlife health both in captivity and the wild.  The EMC has a long history of work in the discipline of Zoological Nutrition and has worked to broaden the discussion of key issues through the Crissey Zoological Nutrition Symposium and other programs.  The EMC has a cadre of members that are focused on improving our understanding of the nutritiional needs of zoological species and the delivery of the necessary nutrition in practical application.  Their interests range broadly across taxa and their work and that of their students has provided a foundation for advancement of the discipline.   Faculty involved in this program include:

Kimberly Ange-van Heugten – conservation nutrition and endocrine regulation of diet utilization for zoological species

Emily Christiansen – aquatic nutrition with special interest elasmobranchs

Craig Harms – clinical nutrition of aquatic species

Suzanne Kennedy- Stoskopf – nutrition and immune function

Liz Koutsos – carotenoids and micronutrients for zoological species

Jb Minter – nutrition and clinical outcomes

Korinn Saker – nutrition, immunity, and nutrient metabolism in health and disease

Michael Stoskopf – metabolic adaptations to environmental stressors