The EMC Faculty include some of the most respected and admired scientists in their disciplines around the world. Together they represent the most valuable asset of the Consortium

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Aday, DerekProfessor and Head, Dept of Applied EcologyFisheries, Ecology, and Aquatic Sciences Lab
Almond, GlennProfessor, Swine Health and Production ManagementCVM Directory
Bailey, KateClinical Assistant Professor, AnesthesiologyCVM Directory
Bailey, ScottAssociate Professor, TheriogenologyCVM Directory
Baynes, RonaldProfessor of PharmacologyCVM Directory
Birkenheuer, Adam Professor, Internal MedicineVector Borne Disease Diagnostics
Breen, MatthewProfessor, Genomics; Oscar J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor, Comparative Oncology GeneticsBreen Lab
Breitschwerdt, EdProfessor, Internal Medicine; The Melanie S. Steele Distinguished Professorship in MedicineVector Borne Disease Diagnostics
Buckel, JeffProfessor, Marine Fisheries BiologyPeople at CMAST
Cannedy, AllenDirector, Diversity and Multicultural AffairsCVM Directory
Christiansen, EmilyAdjunct Assistant Professor; Veterinarian, NC AquariumsNC Aquariums
Collazo, JaimeProfessor, Applied EcologyApplied Ecology People Page
Cooper, CarenResearch Associate Professor, Forestry and Environmental Resources; Chancellor's Faculty Excellence in Leadership in Public Science; Assistant Head, Biodiversity Research Lab, North Carolina Museum of Natural SciencesCollege of Natural Resources Faculty Page
Correa, MariaProfessor, Epidemiology and Public HealthCVM Directory
Cullen, JohnProfessor, Anatomic PathologyCVM Directory
Daniels, HarrySenior Associate Dean, Applied EcologyApplied Ecology People Page
Degernes, LaurieProfessor Emerita, Avian MedicineLaurel A. Degernes Papers - NCSU Special Collections
Delk, KatieAdjunct Assistant Professor; Associate Veterinarian, NC Zoological ParkNorth Carolina Zoological Park
Deperno, ChrisProfessor, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyCollege of Natural Resources Faculty Page
Dorman, DavidProfessor, ToxicologyCVM Directory
Dykstra, MichaelProfessor Emeritus, Population Health and PathobiologyCVM Population Health and Pathobiology Site
Eggleston, DaveAlumni Distinguised Undergraduate Professor; Director NC State Center for Marine Sciences and TechnologyPeople at CMAST
Ferris, KelliClinical Assistant Professor, General Practice; Director, Community-Campus PartnershipCVM Directory
Fish, RichardAssociate Professor Emeritus, Laboratory Animal MedicineNC State Experts Directory
Flammer, KevenProfessor of Avian MedicineCVM Directory
Flowers, JamesClinical Associate Professor, ParasitologyClinical Microbiology and Molectular DIagnostics
Gerard, MathewTeaching Professor, AnatomyCVM Directory
Gilger, BrianProfessor, OphthalmologyThe Gilger Lab
Gilliam, JamesProfessor, Fish EcologyNC State Personal Page
Gracz, HannaNMR Service LLC, Emerita Research Associate Professor NCSUNMR Service LLC
Gruen MargaretAssistant Professor, Behavioral MedicineCVM Directory
Guy, JamesProfessor, Poultry Health ManagementClinical Virology
Hammerberg, BruceProfessor, ParasitologyCVM Directory
Hardie, LizetteDepartment Head, Clinical Sciences; Professor, General SurgeryComparative Pain Research Lab
Harms, CraigProfessor, Aquatics, Wildlife, & Zoo Medicine; Director, Marine Health Program (CMAST)CVM Directory
Harrison, TaraAssistant ProfessorZoological Oncology and Therapeutics Laboratory
Havell, EdResearch ProfessorCVM Population Health and Pathobiology Site
Hawkins, EleanorProfessor, Internal MedicineCVM Directory
Hess, GeorgeProfessor, BiomathematicsNC State Personal Page
Hinshaw, JeffProfessor and Extension Specialist, Applied EcologyApplied Ecology People Page
Kays, RolandResearch Associate Professor and Director, Biodiversity & Earth Observation Lab, Nature Research Center, NC Museum of Natural Sciencesrolandkays.com
Keene, BruceDVM, MSc, DACVIM (Cardiology)CVM Directory
Kennedy-Stoskopf, SuzanneResearch Professor, Aquatics, Wildlife & Zoo MedicineCVM Directory
Kwak, TomProfessor, Applied EcologyApplied Ecology People Page
Laney, WilsonAdjunct Assistant Professor, Fishery Biologist, USFWSUSFWS South Atlantic Fisheries Coordination Office
Law, MacProfessor of PathologyCVM Directory
Levine, JayInterim Department Head College of ScienceAquatic Epidemiology Conservation Laboratory
Levy, MichaelProfessor Emeritus, ParasitologyCVM Population Health and Pathobiology Site
Lewbart, GregoryProfessor of Aquatic Animal MedicineCVM Directory
Ley, DavidProfessor Emeritus Poultry Health ManagementCVM Directory
Linder, KeithProfessor, PathologyCVM Directory
Macdonald, JeffreyAssociate Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering UNC Chapel HillUNC Chapel Hill Directory
Maggi, RicardoResearch Associate Professor, Internal MedicineCVM Directory
Marcellin-Little, DenisProfessor, Surgical & Radiological Sciences UC Davis School of Veterinary MedicineUC Davis SVM Directory
Minter, JbAdjunct Assistant Professor, Director of Animal Health and Director Hanes Veterinary Medical Center, NC
Zoological Park
North Carolina Zoological Park Senior Staff
Monteiro-Riviere, Nancy Professor Emeritus of Investigative Dermatology and Toxicology, Center for Chemical Toxicology Research, NCSU and Distinguished Professor Emeritus-Regents & University Distinguished Professor of Toxicology, Former Director Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State (NICKS), Kansas State UniversityKSU NICKS Directory
Moorman, ChrisProfessor and Coordinator, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology ProgramGlobal Change and Wildlife Lab
Morgan, DavidResearch Scientist/NMR Spectroscopist, NMR Service LLC<NMR Service LLC
Mowat, FreyaAssistant Professor, OphthalmologyMowat Lab
Muñana, Karen Professor, NeurologyCompanion Animal Epilepsy Lab
Murray, WilliamProfessor Biological Sciences San José State University College of ScienceSan Jose State University Directory
Nascone-Yoder, NanetteAssociate Professor, Developmental BioloogyNascone-Yoder Lab
Nelson,StacyProfessor, Geospatial AnalyticsCollege of Natural Resources Faculty Page
Olby, NatashaThe Dr. Kady M. Gjessing and Rahna M. Davidson Distinguished Chair in Gerontology, Professor Neurology and NeurosurgeryCanine Spinal Cord Injury Program
Olivry, ThierryProfessor of Immunodermatology, Assistant Department HeadCVM Directory
Papich, Mark Burroughs Wellcome Fund Professor, Veterinary PharmacologyCVM Directory
Peterson, Nils Professor, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyCollege of Natural Resources Faculty Page
Petritz, OliviaAssistant Professor, Avian and Exotic Animal MedicineCVM Directory
Posner, Lysa PamProfessor of Anesthesiology, Assistant Department Head MBS, Director Anesthesia ServicesCVM Directory
Riviere, Jim Professor Emeritus, PharmacologyCVM Center for Chemical Toxicology Research and Pharmacokinetics Page
Roe, SimonProfessor, OrthopedicsCVM Directory
Royal, KennethAssistant Professor, Educational Assessment & OutcomesCVM Directory
Saker, KorinnMS, DVM, PhD, DACVN, Associate Professor NutritionCVM Directory
Sannes, PhilProfessor, Cell BiologyCVM Directory
Sherman, BarbaraProfessor Emeritus, Veterinary BehaviorCVM Directory
Simons, TedProfessor Emeritus, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyNC State Personal Page
Slenning, BarrettAssociate Professor, Epidemiology and Ruminant HealthCVM Directory
Stoskopf, MichaelProfessor, Aquatics, Wildlife, and Zoological MedicineCVM Directory
Swanson, CliffordProfessor Emeritus, AnesthesiologyCVM Directory
Troan, BrigidClinical Instructor; Consultant Pathologist, NC ZooNC State Directory
Westermeyer, HansAssistant Professor, OphthalmologyCVM Directory
Yoder, JeffAssociate Professor, Innate ImmunologyYoder Lab

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