ZTAU Design Build is Underway

The next big step in the evolution of the Zoological Teaching Animal Unity (ZTAU) is underway.  Students in the DVM program are teaming with graduate and undergraduate Architecture and Landscape Architecture students from the College of Design in a Design Build Project to improve the infrastructure of the ZTAU Wild Carnivore Facility.  Design Build is a very special form of studio class taught in the College of Design where students go from concept to well thought out plans and then actually construct the project over a 10 week summer session.   Part of what is special about this year’s Design Build course is that for the first time, Architecture and Landscape Architecture students are working together in the studio along with DVM program students.

design build session May 26 small

Veterinary students both serve as the clients for the design students, learning the best ways to communicate the program needs of the project to designers.  Then they will be learning how to manage biosecurity and animal and personnel safety while managing a construction effort near wild animals.

The project is led by Randy Lanou, a professor in practice for the College of Design along with his team of experienced professionals from Build Sense, a well established Durham design build firm.  Fernando Magallanes is directing the landscape architecture students and Dr. Michael Stoskopf is the CVM faculty member on the project.   Three ZTAU Summer Scholars are serving as the all important student facilitators for the course.  Their fellowships are generously provided by donors to the EMC Endowment Income Fund, and allow them to focus completely on ZTAU development through the summer.  Joel Lubell is a senior Architecture graduate student with considerable experience in volunteer construction as a former manager for Habitat for Humanity.  Josh Leab is also an advanced graduate student in Landscape Architecture with experience in design build.  John Griffioen is a DVM student with considerable wild carnivore experience.  These three teaching assistants are keeping the course running smoothly and the amazing pace needed to transform the husbandry infrastructure of the Wild Carnivore Facility in 10 short weeks.

Puppy Glamour ShotBaby pictures from last year of three of the young red wolves that will benefit from the new Wild Carnivore Facility Upgrades.

DVM Stars Win Clinical Proficiency Awards

Every year at the annual awards banquet the zoological medicine faculty get the opportunity to recognize the top students in the various areas of zoological health.  These students have gone above and beyond and shown particularly strong abilities in our discipline.  Each receives a plaque, sponsored by the student club WAAZM, which is engraved with their animal totem and commemorates their particular achievement.  This year, Dr. Craig Harms, Professor of Aquatic Medicine and Director of EMC Marine Health Programs had the honor of making the presentations.

WAAZM AWARD winners 2015mdThis year’s winners from left to right, Michelle Schiza – Aquatic Medicine ;  Sara McLaughlin- Avian Medicine ;  Ashley Emanuel – Companion Zoological Medicine;  Maggie Jinx – Wildlife Research;  Danielle Verderame – Herpetological Mediicne;  Amanda Malueg – Wildlife Medicine;  Back row:  Dr. Craig Harms;  Joe Malatos – Zoological Pathology;  Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf and Dr. Michael Stoskopf.