ZTAU Summer Fellowships help ensure the future of the ZTAU.

Fellowships are supported by a designated gift to the EMC Endowment Income Fund of $4,000 in the year prior to the awarding of the fellowships (March). 

ZTAU Summer Fellowships can be named (i.g. Smith Family ZTAU Summer Fellowship)

Each year the summer fellowships funded by designated gifts received in the EMC Endowment Income Fund will be awarded to the top students who have been active in ZTAU programs throughout the year.  These students will work through the summer developing the ZTAU while learning even more about the zoological animals in the ZTAU as they prepare for their careers in zoological medicine.  Fellows will be encouraged to work on their DVM thesis during and then after the fellowship period.

It is possible to endow a ZTAU Summer Fellowship.

Contact Dr. Michael Stoskopf, EMC Director for further information (michael_stoskopf@ncsu.edu) about how to provide a ZTAU Summer Fellowship.