ZTAU Needed Gifts in Kind

Sometimes, what might be sitting around unused can fulfill a major need for a hardworking group.  If you happen to have any of the following, consider donating it as a gift in kind to the EMC through the NC Veterinary Foundation.  Besides helping the students and animals in the ZTAU, the value of the item you give, based on your own documentation of its value, is tax deductable.  The NCVMF will provide a letter confirming the gift, but cannot assess the worth of the item.   We will try and keep this list current, but if you have an idea of something that might be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibility.


Small Needs

Garden rake,  long handled shovel,  broom

Hand tool set (pliers, hammer, screw drivers, box knife)

A bow saw for cutting downed limbs and branches

A 6 or 8 foot step ladder

A set of sockets and socket wrenches to help in fence repair


Bigger Needs

A small refrigerator for storing thawed enrichment treats and other items needing refrigeration.


Big Dreams

A Kawasaki Mule or similar bench seated  compact utility vehicle with hauling bed in good operable condition.

kawasaki mule red no backgroundThough the students of the ZTAU maintain good physical fitness  hiking back and  forth to the Wild Carnivore Facility to take care of the animals, one of these would revolutionized the moving of heavy bags of food, frozen enrichment carcasses and other unwieldy and heavy items to the facility.   Thinking of a newer model, or have one that is not being used, think about donating it to the ZTAU cause.