Support the EMC

support screen eagle onlyThe purpose of the Environmental Medicine Consortium is to make the world a better place for wildlife, people and their domestic animals.

You can help the EMC in its purpose many ways

The EMC is currently raising funds to upgrade the unique Wild Carnivore Learning Facility at NCSU’s CVM.

Gifts to support that effort can be given directly to the EMC Endowment Income Fund using the same mechanisms as are used for gifts to the EMC Endowment itself.  You can give online or by check.

1. Gifts to the EMC Endowment – ensure the future of the EMC and support all EMC teaching and research efforts.  The EMC Endowment Fund is administered by the NC Veterinary Medical Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and donations are fully tax deductible.  You can even give to the EMC Endowment Fund online.  Click here, to go to the NCVMF website online donation page for EMC related funds.  If you would rather see your money go directly to a project now, give to the EMC Endowment Income fund.  For contributions to the endowment itself, just type in EMC Endowment fund.  If other projects Donations to Red Wolf support the Wild Carnivore Team daily operations.  To support capital efforts to improve the Wild Carnivore Facility infrastructure give to the EMC Endowment Income Fund.  The Marine Health Fund supports health research for marine animals.  For larger gifts or if you prefer to write a check, simply make the check out to the NCVMF EMC Endowment Fund or the NCVMF EMC Endowment Income Fund and send it to the NCVMF at 1060 William Moore Dr., Raleigh, NC 27607.   If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Dr. Michael Stoskopf, ( the director of the EMC for assistance.

2.  Friends of the EMC Web Shopping – Support the EMC and all of its program when you shop online using iGive a web shopping based fund raising and advocacy organization.  For over a decade, EMC supporters have generated important funding by simply shopping online using the iGive button having chosen the Environmental Medicine Consortium as their charity.  Participating stores contribute a percentage of your purchases to support the EMC.  To join iGive to support the EMC go to this address, by clicking here. Once you have signed up to shop on behalf of EMC, be sure to download and install the iGive button.  This makes it easy to remember to claim the credit donation from your purchases from the many participating online stores.  Gifts from IGive go to the EMC Endowment Income fund.

3.  Gifts to special EMC project funds – If you are particularly interested in a specific special EMC project it is often possible to donate to that particular project directly.  Several of these can be reached through the EMC related programs donation site by clicking here, but there are others, like the Crissey Memorial Fund, and some named scholarship funds.  You can reach these by going to the general NCVMF giving site (click here) and after clicking the Choose a Fund Button, scroll to the bottom of the pull down list and check other.  From there enter the name of the fund you want to support.

4.  Adopt a Wild Carnivore and Naming Opportunities –   coming soon.