So you want to be in movies

Rob Nelson presents a personable lobster

Lots of what we do in the EMC is interesting to others, and we want to share what we are up to.  However, making a short, informative, and well put together video is not something that just happens.  Enter Emmy award winning natural science communication videographer Rob Nelson.  A man with a mission, Rob’s CV includes a masters degree in marine biology as well as one in science communication.  With many years experience refining his videography techniques, he was willing to take on the challenge of transferring key lessons he has learned in his illustrious career to the EMC graduate students, houseofficers, DVM students and even some faculty.

After a rapid paced hour of instruction focused on the best ways to gather GoPro footage, Rob put the class to a practical hands on test.  Everyone, toting their GoPro along, moved to the Turtle Team space for an hour of interaction and the shooting of “B- Roll”.  At the end of the session we all downloaded our work to Rob so that he could demonstrate how such materials can be edited into short, informative science communications.

Here is a very short film edited by Rob Nelson about the Turtle Team

And here, for those of you who could not be with us, is a 5 minute synopsis of the key things we learned from Rob, featuring footage obtained while we learned it and starring EMC house officers, graduate students and DVM students.

Look for more videos here on the EMC website in the future.