New Graduate Student Focuses on Snowshoe Hares

meerkat-kalahari-crop-med Dr. Brett Gardner arrived in Raleigh from South Africa this most recent August ready to experience a new phase of his career as a wildlife veterinarian.  A graduate of the veterinary college in South Africa, Dr. Gardner has had several year experience as a clinical veterinarian at the Johannesburg Zoo before striking out on his own as a wildlife veterinarian and consultant.  He has been involved in many interesting field studies and worked with a wide variety of African wildlife in a wide range of environments.

mandril-tuberculin-crop-medWe are delighted that he has chosen to come to NCSU to pursue research education.  Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf is his major professor and his projected dissertation work is focused on expanding our understanding of the physiology of the snowshoe hare.  Dr.  Scott Mills, now of University of Montana, but still actively collaborating with NCSU is another key graduate committee member.  Dr. Gardner intends to take advantage of the captive colony of snowshoe hares Dr. Mills established associated with the Phenotron at NCSU’s CVM as he hopes to help develop field suitable physiological assessment techniques that might help improve research on prey species in the wild.