National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Reilly web1_ZOO-LION-CUBS-7-29-15-8148-web
Reilly the male lion at the NC Zoo with 2 cubs of his pride.

The United States celebrates National Zoo and Aquarium Month each June in honor of the important contributions of these institutions to our culture and the well being of wildlife.  The EMC celebrates the month emphasizing the role of veterinarians in the advancement of the abilities of our our zoos and aquariums to provide healthy and meaningful lives to the animals who are their responsibility.   Clinicians, researchers, and those working to improve the educational and conservation roles of zoos and aquariums are all contributing to the rapid evolution the many facilities dedicated to bringing the public close to the amazing animal life of our planet.

Over 175 million people visit US zoos and aquariums every year, including over 60 million children and student visitors.  Visiting zoos and aquariums is the largest recreational activity in the United States.  They are also a critical educational resource providing curricular materials for K-12 and higher education teachers, and supporting important experiences that can help inspire young minds to pursue careers in science and technology.

EMC alumni are helping provide for the well being of zoo and aquarium animals in states across the country, and we tip our hats to their dedicated efforts.  A recent blog featuring the annual physical examination of Reilly the 17 year old male lion at our NC Zoo provides great insight into the importance of our faculty and resident contributions to maintaining the health of the animals at the NC Zoo and is a very enjoyable read.

westmoreland and Reily lion
First year resident Dr. Lori Westmoreland performs a careful examination of an anesthetized Reilly under the close supervision of EMC faculty member Dr. Jb Minter,(not shown) and the help of the NC Zoo medical staff.