Wolf Prowl Lives!

Wolf Prowl is a reality.  Constructed on time and underbudget, and it is …. well Fabulous!

wolf prowl wolf eyes sm 7-31-15
Wolf Prowl celebrates the wild carnivores that make their home on in the NCSU CVM ZTAU

The Wild Carnivore Team and their advisor Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf hosted an ice cream celebration for the entire class and faculty last Friday afternoon (July 31st) to bring a festive atmosphere to the “Final Review” of the class.   It was a time for students and faculty alike to take great pride in what their hard work has created.

Design build wolf prowl bldg back sm 7-21-15
The wolves also get a great view of the Wolf Prowl. The back is as beautiful as the front.

The Wolf Prowl is an elegant structure viewed from any angle.  The three directional “back stairs” are prefect for the day to day function of the building, allowing access from the wolf pens, the future bobcat pens and the tool storage area.

design build wolf prowl tool store area sm 7-31-15

The skills of the landscape architecct were more than a match for some difficult challenges of the site. The access path to the tool storage area is a great example.

Everyone is in agreement, the professional touch of the Landscape Architecture students has elevated the presence of this project, helping make it not only the most complex and ambitious Design/Build Project ever attempted, but also making it the most complete.  The hard work of the Landscape Architecture Students, and the DVM students and Architecture students who devoted themselves to ensuring excellent water handling and great functional esthetics really paid off and will continue to do so for many years.  And everyone is raving about the sitting boulders.

wolf prowl beam detail sm 7-31-15
Student welded brackets and custom end caps are just some of the careful detail that went into Wolf Prowl

But it is the custom handwork and the dedication to recycled materials that has really made the building special.   The roof structure is recycled mill flooring, meticulously joined and placed and then hand rubbed creating a very distinctive and beautiful roof system.  Details like the handcrafted steel brackets (student made) and roof beam end caps (also student made) ensure a strong and long lasting structure that will serve the Wild Carnivore Facility for decades to come.   There are too many special features to list, like the student constructed functional windows.  The list goes on.

wolf prowl door sm 7-31-15
The hand crafted main doors of Wolf Prowl

And there is no finer detail than the hand crafted door that leads into the large room of the facility.  Constructed from more of the recycled lumber of the roof structure, with very artful computer carved specially designed handles and using laser cutting in some of the recycled walnut used for the outside siding, the door is an elegant functional solution that adds beauty and identity to the Wolf Prowl.