Construction Pushes Forward for Design Build Project

Things are really starting to take shape over at the Wild Carnivore Facility. The team of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Veterinary students continues their push  towards a July 31st finish, with dramatic changes taking place every day.

plumbing side post 7-13 cropped
Students put their backs into ensuring a side post is plumb

The walls are up, giving everyone a sense of accomplishment and making it easier to visualize the what the functional husbandry building will look like and how it will benefit the Wild Carnivore Facility.  Attention to detail in the framing process is paying off in speed of progress working with very square lines.

walls up 7-14-15 cropped
Roof beams are in place

Most of the walls are in place and the Architecture students working on the custom windows in the College of Design student shop are carefully crafting very special windows. Today’s schedule calls for the start of roofing and more advances in the landscaping arena as the dairy cows in J pasture look on in amusement.

river stone swales 7-14-15 cropped
Design Build rocks!


The Landscape Architecture students’ talents shone particularly bright this week with the development of some lovely swales for erosion control, topped with river rocks. Other collections of stones and boulders are cropping up around the work site as benches, which will provide much-needed rest spots for the Design Build team and Carnivore team alike.

long shot 7-13 cropped


Teamwork continues to be key in moving the build smoothly forward!