Dr. Reimscheussel Presents Dean’s Lecture

November 11th, 2014 Dr. Renate Reimscheussel, the distinguishedrenata speaking veterinary pathologist, innovative FDA researcher and investigative diagnostician responsible for identifying the mechanisms behind the health effects of melamine contamination of petfoods manufactured in China, presented the prestigeous “Dean’s Lecture” at the NCSU CVM.  EMC students and faculty had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Reimscheussel throughout the day, as she provided insight and advice on topics ranging from important research needs to career path opportunities for students.

The Dean’s Lecture, delivered at the NCSU Veterinary College was followed by a stimulating discussion given for the North Carolina One Health Intellectual Exchange at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.  Dr. Reimscheussel spoke of the importance of One Health principles in the FDA’s efforts to maintain a safe food supply for humans and animals as well as protect the environment.